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Eunice Khong

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What the learner says : Passed on the first attempt !

Initially, I enrolled into one of the driving schools in Singapore. But I found that it is not cost effective as the school lesson fees are rather high and I would get different instructors to teach me for every lesson. Moreover, it was not easy for me to book the practical lesson dates that I wanted in school as the slots were usually full. Therefore, I was thinking of engaging a Private Instructor so that I could get more flexible hours to learn driving. However, I hesitated to do so when I heard some negative feedbacks on learning through Private. Below are the 2 common feedbacks:

Myth #1: You can't get earlier test dates because the School will get them first.

Myth #2: School is easier to pass than Private.

I was fortunately that I did not encounter such problems in Myth#1 and Myth#2 because I engaged Mr Peck Chin Huat as my Private Instructor. I knew about him through the Traffic Police website that shows the passing rates of Private Instructors. He has one of the highest passing rates in Ubi. More than half of his students passed for the first time! In fact, I also passed for the first time despite that I am a slow learner. I got my Traffic Police test date within 6 weeks from the day I started my first driving lesson, all thanks to Mr Peck. Therefore, within a short period of 6 weeks, I get my driving license! I took 21 driving lessons and only spent about $1000 to get my Class 3A license.

Hereby, I would like to thank Mr Peck for his teaching skills and efforts to guide me throughout this challenging period and I highly recommend Mr Peck to anyone who wants to pass in the first test at the lowest price paid!

Yours sincerely,




Allan Chew
Civil Servant

This is my personal driving lesson testimony for Mr. Peck Chin Huat.

My objective when I started learning was simple, cost effective and cheap! Heard from many that learning from school is much faster and chances of first time pass is higher... but I find that their price is way too steep for me. Hence I searched the internet and found good reviews of Mr. Peck and decided to give it a try.

I only took about 2 months to learn and passed on the first attempt in Ubi. Overall, the time I took to get my license as private learner, from passing Basic Theory to TP test date was only about 5mths! This is about the same amount of time you would need if you were to learn from school, if not shorter! But the most important factor is PRICE... I spent not more than $1000 for this license!

I must thank Mr. Peck for his good guidance and structured teaching techniques to help me pass on first attempt! I must say he is quite strict but this is good because he lets you know what is wrong and corrects you to be a better and safer driver.

Lastly, I would like to advise all not to listen to myths and rumors that Ubi is difficult to get your license! In fact, I find the routes and traffic condition favorable for TP test. If you check the passing rate status from Traffic Police website, you will also realize that Ubi has the highest passing rate, for both Class 3 and 3A!

I would hereby thank Mr. Peck for helping get my driving lessons so effectively and would sincerely recommend to anyone who wants to get their Class 3 at the shortest and cheapest rate in town!

Your sincerely,



I thank God for Mr Peck. Under his strict countenance, he's very patient, thorough n friendly. He treated me as an adult n that helped build my confidence in driving.

He gave me lots of room for mistakes. Despite all thecautions from my mum n sister about the high possibilities of failing my driving test with a private instructor, I got my license on my first test all within the span of 3 months under Mr Peck's teaching!

Though as a new driver, people commended my skill in handling the car. Thank you once again Mr Peck! I highly recommend him to all who seriously want to pass their driving n fast too!

    Yours sincerely,


Ng jia Yu

Thank you Mr peck! Under his systematic guidance, i managed to pass at the first attempt.
Although strict, he will teach you the important details of what testers look out for during the exam.
He gives good parking technique and good advise on roads. Learning from him is also cost efficient. I got my license within 4months!
Besides, Ubi passing rate is the highest and to me if you want t get your license fast and save more money you should learn under Mr Peck (:
Thank You!
Thu, 26 Mar 2009 





Eunice :

""I would like to thank Mr Peck for his teaching skills and efforts to guide me throughout this challenging period and I highly recommend Mr Peck to anyone who wants to pass in the first test at the lowest price paid!" More...