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Enrolment Procedure


1 Requirements

    * You have to be at least 18 years of age at the point of registration.
    * You have to make your way down to open an account with any of the 3 driving schools (ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, Bukit Batok Driving Centre and Singapore Safety Driving Centre).Operating hours Mon - Fri 8:30am-5:00pm Sat & Sun - 830am - 12pm.

2 During registration:

    * You have to bring along your identity card and payment is by nets or cash card.
    * You can choose to learn practical driving lesson either from the school or from a private driving instructor (Scroll down to look at the advantages of learning from a private driving instructor).
    * With the account, you will be able to book your Basic Driving Theory Test through the Driving school websites or service kiosks found in the Driving schools.
    * The account (with a validity of 12 months) with any of the driving schools at $10.70.
    * For each theory test, you will have to pay $6.50
    * You can also self-study by purchasing the Basic/final Theory Textbooks from any of the major leading bookstores or from the driving schools.

3 After you passed your Basic Theory test:

Provisional Driving Licence
Check Status Of Driving Licence (PDL
E-Application of provisional driving licence (PDL)

* You are qualified to take the practical driving lesson.
    * You can apply Class 3 Provisional Driving license (PDL) at Traffic Police Department Testing Branch Counter with your result slip and identity card or passport.
    * You can than take your practical driving lesson while studying for your Final driving Theory test.

4 Enrolling for Driving Lesson:

  * You can enroll as a student into a driving school or engage a private driving instructor for driving lesson (Scroll down to look at the advantages of learning from a private instructor).

5 After you passed your Final Driving Theory Test:

    * You are qualified to take the Practical Driving Test.
    * Once you have passed your Final Driving Theory Test to sign up for the Practical Driving Test.
    * while applying for the Practical Driving Test, you will have to produce the result slip and Class 3 Provisional Driving License.
    * This Final Driving Theory Test has a validity period of 24 months from the date of test.

6 Important things to note:

    * However, if you enrolled as a student but wish to withdraw and engage a private driving instructor, you will have to close your school account.
    * You will then have to open another account again at a private learner.



Eunice :

""I would like to thank Mr Peck for his teaching skills and efforts to guide me throughout this challenging period and I highly recommend Mr Peck to anyone who wants to pass in the first test at the lowest price paid!" More...