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 Are you a beginner looking for a professional private driving instructor? Or are you frustrated of not being able to pass your driving test?

At, we have certified driving instructors and have been giving driving lessons to many students for the past 40 years with a high passing rate

"Thank you Mr Peck! Under his systematic guidance, i managed to pass at the first attempt.
Although strict, he will teach you the important details of what testers look out for during the exam.
He gives good parking technique and good advise on roads. Learning from him is also cost efficient. I got my license within 4months!"

 From: Ng jia Yu
26 Mar 2009 conducts driving lessons in Singapore and its main mission is to provide its students with competitive lesson rates for those intending to come for refresher course or those who wish to take the class 3 / 3A driving license. Our friendly and patient driving instructor has more than 40 years of experience and is highly experience in coaching his students through a powerful teaching system.

Beginner driving lessons-Beginners who wish to learn driving through us are imparted with proper driving skills through a structured driving lesson plan that will enable you to pass the practical driving test with ease. We do not only equip you with safe driving skills but also highlight to you what to look out for during the practical test. Our specialized private driving instructor will guide you step-by-step through his efficient teaching scheme. One must be proficient in the current modules before advancing to the next. Parallel parking and vertical parking are made easy with our thoughtful driving instructor who uses diagrams to aid you in your training.

Refresher driving lessons-We also conduct refresher courses for those who already hold a driving license but have no confidence to drive. This course aims to polish your driving skills and get you familiarized with current safety regulations on the road. Our professional instructor will assess you on your current driving ability and advise you on any potential weakness or errors in your driving. You may also wish to highlight areas that you are interested in improving to our instructors so that you will be able to drive safely and with confidence.

Having a private driving instructor means having a flexible booking system. Many people have busy schedules and gives you the freedom to book your own driving lessons at your preferred time and at your own convienience.

 Here at, safe driving is utmost importance to us and we believe that through our capable private driving instructor and his patient teaching, everyone will succeed in learning how to drive.

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""I would like to thank Mr Peck for his teaching skills and efforts to guide me throughout this challenging period and I highly recommend Mr Peck to anyone who wants to pass in the first test at the lowest price paid!" More...